Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders might want to rethink this one. The NFL Pro Bowl is right around the corner. He and Another Hall of Famer Jerry Rice were named honorary captains. Under a new way to make up the teams, these two will divvy up the Pro bowl players into two rosters . The game will be played on January 26th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Deion, has been trying to sell that he and Rice could actually suit up for this game. Both, have been retired for sometime. The draft for the Pro Bowl will be held January 22nd." Neon" Deion and Jerry Rice are two of the greatest to ever play the game. It would be a hoot to see if this pair would try and pull this off. I say no way, they are too old , and have been out of the game too long.

One thing that will never change with Sanders is his ability to be a great marketing feature for the NFL. The NFL Pro Bowl has turned into the worst All-Star game of any of all the pro sports. It is an embarrassing display for such a great game. So, if Sanders and Rice did this for a few plays I would watch it.