New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has a very big decision to make on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. This is because of the aftermath of the alleged racist comments that Sterling made, when his gold-digging gal-pal taped their conversation.

Adam Silver, fresh on the job, is getting baptism by fire. These Sterling tapes have a lot of people wanting to see Sterling out as owner. Sterling has owned his team longer than any other NBA franchise owner. It was 1981 when he bought the San Diego Clippers, then moved them to LA in 1984, where up until recently they have been the worst NBA franchise.

Silver spoke of offering Sterling "due process," but wants to move very quickly with a decision. This decision is not too far off. Sterling could get a long suspension from running his team and a hefty fine. I don't think they can force him to sell the team, but we will see. He bought the team for $15 million and now the Clippers are valued at $575 million.

Commissioner Adam Silver has a lot of pressure on him to do the right thing. This is an awful situation which entails ignorance, racism, bigotry and an owner who has gotten away with being a bad person for quite some time.