Last night it all came to a head. The MSU Hoop team couldn’t cut the cake and they were defeated by UCLA 86-80 in OT. This ends Tom Izzo’s tumultuous season filled with COVID, paused games and just total chaos and mayhem.

Last night was also filled with intense moments. Tom Izzo had a public confrontation with one of his players, Gabe Brown. I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal either. But some people will make a big a deal out of it.

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MSU was an eleven seed along with UCLA. That was the play in game. MSU played well in the first half but had a collapse in the second half. They had the lead with a few minutes left and lost it. UCLA got the game into overtime and then MSU lost.

So MSU ends up 15-13 and unranked. Some moments of the season were solid and others just were torture.

Tom Izzo will now have to search for a point guard and seek the portals for players that can flat out play.

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