The first official Michigan State University Basketball practice is next week, and all the players are already gearing up for the season. One of the things they're doing to prepare is saying "so long" to Twitter until they're finished playing.

Once they say goodbye, their accounts are ignored until the end of the season. Why? To keep their focus on the game instead of on the negativity that Twitter can breed.

Going into a season where they're among the favorites to win the NCAA Tournament, all of the MSU players got together and decided to stay away from Twitter until after the Final Four. Individual players have made the decision to avoid Twitter before, but according to MLive, this is the first time that the entire roster made the group decision to unplug from their Twitter accounts.

It's important to note that the ban only applies to Twitter. Players have made no promises to avoid other social media sites like SnapChat or Instagram.

Spartan coach Tom Izzo is happy with his players' decision to delete the Twitter app from their phones and not look at Twitter until the season is over. The Spartans will face plenty of challenges, and removing the distraction that Twitter causes can only help them in the long-run.

For more on this topic, check out the story on MLive.

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