2016 Record: 4-5 Overall, 0-2 Central Michigan 8-Man | 3rd place in Central Mich 8-Man

2017 Schedule:

Week 1: vs. Caseville

Week 2: vs. Mayville

Week 3: @ Burton Madison

Week 4: @ Dryden

Week 5: @ Flint International

Week 6: vs. Deckerville

Week 7: vs. Kingston

Week 8: @ Lawrence

Week 9: vs. Webberville

Season Outlook: 

After re-conferencing, the Orioles join the North Central Thumb League - Stars for the 2017 season. With a re-energized playbook and an older team, Coach Crockett believes in his team. Look for players to step into key leadership roles and use their experience from last season when they take the field in week 1.

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