You can tell when I smile... I love hockey. It's an very tight-knit community. A big family of crazy people who don't mind being on ice with sticks and blades.

A hockey stick that had been missing for nearly 40 years has been returned to the St. Clair Shores Civic Arena. Click here to see the story. The stick was used by Team USA in 1980 and was given to the arena as a gift...  But showed up missing not too long after.

The stick belonged to Mark Wells, who was originally from St. Clair Shores. He went on to win a Gold Medal in the 1980 "Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid, New York.

I wonder who took it and had the guilt eat them alive all of these years? They didn't go into details. Did someone put it in the janitor's closet and forgot about it.

Either way, the stick is back home after 39 years.

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