Former Michigan State Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio is being sued AGAIN by former Spartan Recruiting Coordinator Curtis Blackwell. The case was filed Saturday night in federal court. Blackwell has made a lot of claims about Dantonio, this time he says Dantonio conspired to "dig up dirt" on him during the last federal case that was thrown out. Plus, he said the MSU-hired Jones Day law firm served as agents for MSU damaging his reputation and career. It's the fourth lawsuit Blackwell has filed. He is suing Mark Dantonio AND his lawyer, plus a lawyer with the Jones Day Firm. The last federal case ended with the judge dressing down Blackwell's lawyers for unethical behavior. The same lawyer is behind this lawsuit.

MSU hired the Jones Day law firm to investigate the football program. Blackwell claims it was a manufactured report to clear Mark Dantonio of any wrongdoing.

It isn't specified how much money Blackwell is looking for and you have to wonder if all the racial tensions in the country played a part in the process. Blackwell clearly feels Michigan State did some wrong, calling himself the scapegoat. He was the only staffer fired after 4 players from the 2016 recruiting class were dismissed for sexual assault allegations.

He claims the damage to his reputation has cost him other college coaching jobs.

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