Do you have any idea how many times I've played the Michigan Lottery instant games and never won any big amounts of cash?  Sure I've won $2.00 here or even up to $20.00 by playing instant games, but what about winning half a million dollars?

There's a Michigan Lottery instant game called Fever and apparently it must be a very lucky game to play these days because a woman from Detroit just won the big bucks.

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

"I really enjoy the $500 Fever game," the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told the Michigan Lottery.  "I purchased a few tickets and began scratching them off.  When I scratched of the '6' symbol and then the $500,000 amount, I thought: 'there is no way. 'I kept looking it over, but I didn't believe I had actually won.

How lucky can you be?  Well this nice lady was lucky enough to win her retirement money.  She is 86 and plans on saving her money and I'll bet she will continue playing the $500 Fever game for more days to come, I know I would.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

She purchased her ticket at the Marathon gas station located at 14444 Fenkell St. in Detroit.

I was just thinking to myself, what would I do with $500,000?  I would save a big chunk of it, but I would also spend it on a few toys like a new car, a new boat, maybe an RV and I would also donate some of the cash to local charities in the Greater Lansing area.

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