Tonight in Ann Arbor Tom Izzo’s MSU Hoop team will really be put to the test. MSU will play the #2 ranked  Michigan Wolverine basketball team tonight. With a 7:00 PM tip. Michigan is a twelve point home favorite.

This will be a tough game for MSU.

MSU is 14-10 overall and they need at least one more win to get a slot in the NCAA Tournament.

Michigan is led by Hunter Dickinson, Livers and Smith. Coach Howard will be looking for blood after Michigan was beaten at home Tuesday night by Illinois.

Both teams will play each other back to back. Because of COVID issues, they are playing tonight and then again on Sunday in the Breslin at 4:30 PM.

MSU will have to play a solid game to win tonight, but they are capable of getting it done. They’ll have to play flawless basketball. I thought before that MSU was in such a rut that they couldn’t dig themselves out. But, beating the #4 and #5 teams in the country last week proved me wrong.

Michigan will have to also bring a strong effort too. Don’t take Izzo for granted in March.

Tonight it will be another Bunkhouse Match for the Spartan Hoop team. Tonight’s adversary is the Michigan Wolverine’s. Could this be a bloodbath?

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