No, there's no scandal or controversy engulfing Michigan State's football program. The season has even started yet, so it's not like there's been a thoroughly disappointing loss, either.

All that bitching and kvetching you're hearing from Spartan fans is about -- wait for it -- Michigan State's uniforms.


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Apparently, MSU will be donning new primary uniforms this season, as well as a black alternate jersey. We know this because a retail site accidentally leaked images of youth-size versions of the new threads.

As you can see, there doesn't appear to be much different from the uniforms MSU has been wearing for the last handful of years. The biggest change is that the Greek pattern is more pronounced on the sleeve, and the infusion of a secondary green color into said pattern and the collar.

The official announcement and unveiling of the new uniforms is reported to be on July 28.

In this day and age of leveraging jerseys as a marketing tool, these uniform changes are pretty tame. That hasn't stopped many MSU fans from reacting like the school changed its mascot or something similar.

It's not just an MSU thing, either. There's a loud segment (be it a majority or plurality) of any/every fanbase that categorically melts down whenever its team makes even the slightest of tweaks to its look. The old guard is usually at the fore of this movement, as they think that anything other than what they've known their entire life is abominable and that all change is to be universally feared/loathed.

But here's the thing: It doesn't matter what fans think about uniforms. You know why? Because jersey changes, alternate uniforms, and the like aren't about you. They're not for you. It's a marketing tool, but not one that's meant to drive merchandise sales (although that's a nice byproduct).

New and alternate uniforms are about one thing and one thing only now: Recruiting. Don't like that State is making the Greek pattern more bold on its primary jerseys? Tough. MSU and Nike have rigorously targeted the new look with its target demo (read: premium football recruits), and that segment thinks it's dope.

"But Michigan State's colors are green and white! Not green and black or black and white!" So? Mid- to late-teenagers who are really good at football like black jerseys. Michigan State cares about that, because it wants more of those kinds of people to join its football program. Michigan State doesn't care about you — it already has your attention and, as a result, your money.

If you really hate the new uniforms, you can donate a seven-plus-figure sum to the athletic department. That'll give you some clout on this matter. Otherwise, deal with it.

Besides, at least the Spartans' new look includes precisely no neon.

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