So now that legal sports betting is here in Michigan, will you be one of the many people placing bets on games this year?  I must admit it is a bit more fun betting on the Detroit Lions or Chicago Bears when I bet a few bucks on the game.

Well, a few years ago if you lived in Michigan you would have to bet through a bookie if you were not visiting Las Vegas. So the question is will legal betting in our great state hurt the bookies. It's funny because I was listening to a national sports show last week and they said bookies could see an increase in bets because of the popularity of sports betting even if it is legal in their state.

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And check this out, Michigan is one of the biggest states to kick off online sports betting, with a whopping estimated 10 million folks betting here according to The number of Michigan sportsbooks here is already in the teens.

How Much Will Michigan Spend Gambling?

To give you an idea of how well online gambling has done in Michigan reported  $114.2 million in revenues just for the month of June.

Of that total, operators reported $89.2 million in gross receipts tied to internet gaming. Online sports betting operators, meanwhile, netted $25 million and reported a total handle — or, amount wagered — of $235.1 million last month. June receipts tied to the two forms of online gambling roughly matched May, according to the gaming control board.

This will obviously get so much bigger now that the football season is here. I don't see a problem as long as folks only gamble what they can afford to lose.

If Gambling Becomes a Problem

Michigan has a free and confidential hotline for problem gambling if anyone needs help at 1-800-270-7117.

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