Right now the sports betting world has almost come to a complete halt after the Coronavirus has stopped sporting events all around the world.

I say almost because there are some hockey, tennis, soccer, basketball and baseball games going on in some parts of the world and sportsbooks have also got creative in what they are offering online.

From the end of the day Dow numbers to reality tv shows to even how the COVID-19 virus will spread, the betting world has become more unique and niche in these times.

One prime example of that is how some online sportsbooks are offering odds on Madden simulations on Twitch.

So would you bet on Madden simulations at this point during a shutdown of sports due to a pandemic?

Twitch is airing the games and the sportsbooks are placing odds on the games and even offering some LIVE betting.

At this point, so many sports fans are looking for anyway to get some sort of competition or action.

According to DailyMail.com, there are estimates from the American Gaming Association that say online betting sites could lose over $40 billion in total revenue from all these cancelations.

A lot of that is attributed to the shutdown of the NCAA Tournament which generates the most money all year during a three week span.

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