Legos may be the bane of every parent's existence, but it turns out you can actually make some pretty incredible things with them when you put your mind to it. That's why there are entire theme parks dedicated to everything Lego. Like Legoland Discovery Center near Detroit.

But, they have entire teams of people assigned to building their Lego displays...or so I assume. And that's still impressive...but not as impressive as my recent discovery on Reddit.

Meet mgoreddit, a user that just put the finishing touches on a project they've been working on for 3 years. It's the University of Michigan. In Legos!


According to the post, the model required 30,000 pieces. No wonder it took so long to assemble. For now, the user has only built the central University of Michigan campus but, according to the comments, plans to do more. If you're confused on size, images with the full model next to both a banana and a dog should clarify how huge this thing is.

Fellow reddit community members chimed in with their praises:

lil_kushh wrote: This is insane! Stadium next!

mountaingatherer said: There were so many points in the Imgur photos where I gasped!!! This is seriously amazing!

radioactivejackal commented: This is absolutely astounding and worth applauding. I’m very unfamiliar with this incredible art of LEGO modeling and it’s amazing what you’ve done!! Not a lot of people are mentioning the utterly acute levels of detail and love that have clearly gone into this project (and undoubtedly your others).

The detail is, indeed, stunning. But, it made me wonder...what part of Kalamazoo would look great in Lego form? Maybe Downtown Kalamazoo? A Lego model of Gene the Pumpkin Man? Or, sticking to sports related ideas, a model of West Michigan University?

No promises that it would ever get made because I certainly don't have the eye for detail that this person does but...still...send us your ideas on the app!

Also, while it's not a Lego set, a Kalamazoo Monopoly game was recently discovered and our own Mark Frankhouse had some serious issues with it. Check it out below.

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