A documentary about a family in Bad Axe, Michigan is in theaters today, Friday, November 18th.

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The official film website describes the documentary as follows,

Bad Axe captures a closely-knit Asian American family living in a rural Michigan community as they now fight to keep their American dream alive. As owners of a prominent local restaurant, they reckon with a global pandemic, racial tensions, and generational scars from Cambodia’s “killing fields.”

'Bad Axe' is directed by David Siev and stars family members Chun Siev, Rachel Siev, Jaclyn Siev, Michael Meinhold, Austin Turmell, Skyler Janssen, and  Raquel Siev. Viewers will watch as the family goes from owning a donut shop to opening a restaurant, Rachel's of Bad Axe, and then dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic.

Like all Michigan restaurants, Rachel's of Bad Axe was forced to close its doors in 2020. The film takes us inside the Siev family and their struggle to stay afloat during this most challenging time in America.

To date, 'Bad Axe' has won countless awards including the Special Jury Recognition Award at the SXSW 2022 Film Festival, SXSW 2022 Audience Award Winner, and the Traverse City Movie Festival Audience Award Winner 2022, just to name a few.

IFC Films via YouTube
IFC Films via YouTube

The film is now showing at NCG Trillium Cinemas throughout Michigan. For a list of theaters near you, click here. 'Bad Axe' is being shown at NCG Grand Blanc at 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM. The documentary is also streaming on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

Thank you to the Siev family for sharing your life with us. Check out the trailer for 'Bad Axe' below.

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