As I get older, I've started to appreciate all documentaries, especially sports documentaries. For the last five years it feels like I can’t get enough of them. The producers, directors and investigative reporters all work very hard to hone their craft.

If you really love sports, like I said, definitely read this post. I’m going to turn some of you on to some great human interest stories. No matter what age you are. If you really like to know the history of players, coaches, teams and rivalries, this is the cup of tea for you.

So let me rattle off a few must watch sports stories and documentaries. Some people might not have ESPN, HBO and other options on television, but I’m telling you to find it somewhere or stream off your PC or your phone. These are the sports human interest stories that I thrive on and crave. Please, start watching these; I promise you will be hooked.

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Ok, first of all anything that Jeremy Schaap is involved with is award winning. With his investigative group of sports journalists at ESPN, you need to watch their E-60s and 30 for 30s. They're all just cutting edge and beyond informative.

Then, there is HBO’s Real Sports hosted by the legendary Bryant Gumble. His veteran laden group of investigative reporters are outstanding too. Every story you watch you will learn something new and say, “wow, I didn’t know that."

Now here's a list of my favorite documentaries, and not necessarily in this order. HBO’s documentary MAGIC V BIRD, The Last Dance, The CC Sabathia Story, Lombardi, The Lew Alcindor Story, The Jackie Robinson Story, The Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb stories. These are just a few of the hundreds.

So do you get my drift by now? There are hundreds of them that you and your family will enjoy. They're out there, so take advantage of these very intriguing documentaries that a lot of hard work goes into and you will learn something too.

During this stinking Pandemic I’ve watched many more too. So take advantage of historic sports stories and sports human interest stories. You will be hooked.

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