Somebody who reports on Rutgers and follows Big Ten football in New Jersey, sat down and figured out who had the roughest schedules in Big Ten football next season. Apparently all the talk at the "Bada Bing!" is about us in Michigan. Congratulations to the owners of the toughest Big Ten schedules -  Michigan at number one and Michigan State at number two. According to, their take on the season is Nebraska has the (relatively speaking) easiest schedule and Michigan has the toughest.

The article then goes on to say that the Spartans need to "get their offense out of the stone age" and if they have another season like this last one, "Mark Dantonio's future becomes in doubt".

Things aren't much better in Ann Arbor, where this article predicts: " Harbaugh is either going to win everything or get run out of town".

(Rolls eyes) We've heard this talk before. Fuggetaboutit!

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