There's an unwritten rule in most sports that running up the score is disrespectful. Don't tell that to anyone competing in Group A of the Pacific Games soccer tournament in Papua New Guinea.

The Pacific Games tournament is an under-23 tournament that serves as the Oceanic region's qualifying tournament for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The teams in Group A are, Tahiti (182nd in FIFA), Fiji (195th), and Vanuatu (200th out of 209 competing FIFA nations).

Last and certainly least, there's Micronesia, who aren't even recognized as having a senior men's national team by FIFA. The nation is made up of over 2,000 islands and has an estimated population over 100,000.

In the group stages, Micronesia lost by scores of 30-0, 38-0 and most recently 46-0 to Tahiti, Fiji and Vanuatu in that order. 114 goals given up in 270 minutes of soccer.

That's unfathomably bad. However, their coach has a more upbeat message in the face of the results, from a Kyle Lynch report after the 38-0 loss to Fiji, Micronesia manager Stan Foster said:

"We did quite well in the second half. The marking (coverage) was slack in the first half so I told them to make sure they marked man to man, and that worked a lot better."

According to the score sheet, the halftime score was 21-0, so only giving up 17 in the second half is a marginal improvement.

"Most of these guys are from small villages where they don't play soccer, so they've come a long way."

Knowing this side of the story now, it feels wrong to bag on the team a little bit, but it's still horrifically bad, CBS Sports' Roger Gonzalez speculates whether the 2008 Lions (0-16) could beat this Micronesian team at a game of soccer. Let's hope for the sake of sport and the Beautiful Game, we don't ever know the answer.