Last night, Matthew Stafford did something we should have all seen coming. Unfortunately, for some die hard Detroit Lions there is nothing but bitterness and anger left in the fanbase. There have been so many haters trashing Stafford since he left, including one tweet which tastes bitter-sweet right now:

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A Toxic Fanbase

There is a history of many, not all, Lions fans being completely toxic. So many people always need someone to blame when it comes to the Lions shortcomings. We've seen some of our top players fall on this sword in the past. We had Ndamukong Suh. I remember working at the sports bar when he was drafted and the place went nuts. Here we finally had someone with some intensity on the team, someone who was intimidating. What followed over the years was the fanbase gradually being sickened  by his style of play, to the point where he left the city as fast as he could. Stafford also took this his entire career.

The fact is one person can not carry an entire team, but they can motivate them. But it takes a lot more than motivation to win.

What Is Wrong With This Organization?

What Now?

Now, we cheer for Stafford. There were some who said "Don't cheer, if they loss we'll get a better first round draft position." Do you remember the last time the Lions had a #1 Draft pick? 2009, it was Stafford, and look where we are now. I agree placement is crucial when it comes to the draft, especially in football. But after all the hate and trashing this city put him through, we owe it to him. I had my own frustrations with Stafford watching him through the years. He wasn't perfect, but when you're paying for the Lions how can you be?

We've seen this franchise ruin players love and passion for the game. Sanders and Johnson for example, two of the GOATs in their position, leaving the game young. Losing a good position in the first round of the next draft clearly isn't going to break our chance of succeeding next year.

The fact is, we need to stop crapping on players and start holding the management accountable for their yearly poor decisions. These guys want to win, but you have to be put in the best place to get it done. The eyes of the world are on these guys and it's not a forgiving career, physically or mentally.

In less than two weeks, Matthew Stafford is going to go to his home stadium at SoFi and take what he deserves. His whole career he's been doubted and trashed, but this year he's shown that he's a new Quarterback on a team that has supported him and given him a chance to show what he's capable of doing: being a Super Bowl winning leader. He deserved that when he was on the Lions, sadly, the Lions didn't deserve that with him.

I think seeing Stafford win the Super Bowl will be good for Lions fans. Hopefully they'll start rallying behind talent and taking their frustrations out on the people who have the power to make real change to this pathetic organization.

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