Matt McQuaid is a former hoop player for the MSU Spartans. He was a tough, gritty player that could shoot from the state of Texas.

His dad Rob played at Central Michigan University and was from Midland. His family ended up in the great state of Texas. That’s where Matt prepped in high school.

Tom Izzo told me a few years back that he was scouting high school players and he ran into Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown. At the time, Brown was head coach at SMU. He was there scouting Matt McQuaid in this tournament. He talked to Izzo about him and then Brown got himself into hot water at SMU and was shown the door. Needless to say, Coach Izzo ended up bringing McQuaid into the Spartan family to play hoop.

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McQuaid was a solid player for MSU. He then played professionally overseas and in the G-League.

Just last week Tom Izzo had a lot of additions to his staff. Tom Izzo hired Matt McQuaid as their Assistant Director of Basketball Operations. So, McQuaid comes back to MSU to help his former coach and team get back where they want to be.

I think it’s great that Izzo brings his former players back and employs them. I’m sure McQuaid will do a great job for his new employer.

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