The following is an open letter Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio wrote to the media at large leading into the Spartans' game at Michigan.

Also, it is satirical, meaning it is fake and should not be taken seriously.

during their game at Spartan Stadium on September 12, 2015 in East Lansing, Michigan.
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To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your help. I appreciate you voting my team down three spots in the latest AP poll. I appreciate you being complicit in the Michigan Myth, that they've "returned"--whatever that means. I appreciate your being part and parcel to Harbaugh mania, which borders on unethical for journalists and dives head-first into full-fledged fandom. I appreciate you spending much of your time with me asking about Harbaugh and Michigan. I appreciate you getting my name wrong on national TV.

I appreciate you overlooking the fact that only one of the two teams playing this weekend in Ann Arbor has won 32 of its past 35 games. I appreciate your negligence of our 29 wins since the start of 2013 (only Florida State and Alabama have more). I appreciate you glossing over the fact that only one of the two starting quarterbacks is 29-3 as a starter and the wins leader among all active college football signal callers.

And I certainly appreciate your hand in helping my team to be an underdog this Saturday at Michigan. Honestly, I do.

It's no secret what we've built here at Michigan State has been predicated on a chip-on-the-shoulder mentality. Admittedly, that's a little harder to sell to players after back-to-back Top 5 finishes and a lofty preseason ranking.

But thanks to your help, I have about 100 guys just as hungry as ever to drop Michigan.

Including me.

There's nothing we'd like more than to answer your questions about our program's validity and the perception that our national prominence isn't tenable while Michigan has a competent coaching staff.

Thanks for all the support.

Go Green,

Mark Dantonio

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