The recruiting game can be a treacherous one for college football coaches. So many rules of what you can and can't do to try and secure the best high school talent in America. Even when players commit to a school, that coach isn't allowed to comment on them publicly.

About a month ago, the NCAA closed up a loophole that involved coaches subtweeting messages to show gratitude or sway potential student athletes without actually referencing them.

PSA = Prospective Student-Athlete

Subtweeting in a layman's definition is tweeting about something that indirectly references something or someone. Here's a few examples of subtweeting that happened before this decision came down from the NCAA.

A Texas Linebacker coach tweeting this while recruiting a player named Jeffrey "Shark" McCulloch.

Or last year's #2 ranked quarterback (K.J. Costello) going to Stanford when hours before his decision the football program's Twitter account tweeted out these nuggets, doing it under the guise of "Throwback Thursday" (#tbt).

He would commit to the Cardinal later that day.

Remember, this decision came down in February of 2016, so these subtweets and countless others were deemed permissible by the loophole that the NCAA just recently closed up.

So what did Mark Dantonio subtweet out that is now suddenly against the rules?

That's a 2017 3-star Tight End recruit out of the IMG Academy in Florida.

"Camp" is his nickname. Clever as it may be this is against the NCAA's new decision on subtweeting to recruits. What, if any, punishment comes out of this for Michigan State or Dantonio is yet to be seen.