On Wednesday, there will be a major announcement. This will happen during  The Mad Dog Show. This announcement will be a game-changer.

I want the entire community to be listening to my show from 3-6 pm. This announcement has been a long time coming!

I have been on the radio for over 26 years now. I have experienced the good, bad, and ugly. Of course, I have told my story so many times. But, WVFN has been in existence since the early ’90s.

Dan Gutowsky, was the first host then Ken Landau joined him as the second host. I started in 1996, with the Sports Guys Show. But, this announcement will be something you will not want to miss.

The next month or so will be time for a metamorphosis. I can only say that it will change the complexion of sports radio in Lansing and East Lansing forever. Tim Staudt has been doing his show for 29 years and I have been on for 26 years. As I said, he and I are totally different and that’s why the contrast of both shows work so well together.

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WVFN, might be a 600 Watt station but our streaming numbers are off the chart. Download The Game 730 AM app and you can listen anywhere in the world. There will be a major announcement on Wednesday. Make sure you listen!


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