There's a person in Michigan who may have found something really unique, in a rock that seems to be able to swing to a different spot after it comes to a stop, as if it was a compass. In a video uploaded to Facebook, the person can be seen spinning the rock, and no matter where it lands, it always points back up to the same direction. Cari Montague reached out using the video as proof and asked what people though it may be:

It turns out that the rock isn't magnetized, but it may just have features that naturally send it rattling back, according the limited research available:
What's your take on this? Random pink rock picked up at the mouth of the Two Hearted River UP Michigan. So cool!! (Thanks for all the comments. It's been fun testing the many theories! It is not magnetic nor do metal shavings or small iron objects attract to it. The surface in the video is our butcher block kitchen island which is dead level. There are no magnets under the 2 inch thick butcher block slab. It's just a super cool, probably pink granite, naturally occurring rattle back or Celtic stone (we Googled lol)
Someone in the comment section seems to actually know what the rock is:
It’s a magnetized piece of ore. It’s takes thousands of years to magnetize naturally but eventually both dipoles with line up in the same direction creating an electron spins that will create a magnetic force. Your now have a compass on hand.
Meanwhile, someone else thought what we were all thinking:
Looks like a petrified potato wedge lol

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