That's right this Thursday night will be my Annual Christmas Party. This party is for all of the listeners on the sports station WVFN. I have been doing sports radio in this area for almost 19 years. We have had a lot of ups and downs. But one thing that has been a constant is there has never been a dull moment.

I really appreciate the support of the listeners over the years. That's why I throw these sports Christmas Parties, as a token of my appreciation. This year's party again will be at Reno's West in Delta Township. The party begins around 7pm until 10pm.

There will be many prizes for all ages. Along with many surprises for all that attend. If you have never been to a Mad Dog Christmas Party you need to come on down. All ages friends, foes, family, and with the Christmas spirit here you need to get there. We always have a blast.

I have been blessed this past year. I married my soul mate, came into a great family, played ball at Comerica Park, enjoyed a great honeymoon and spent two weeks in Florida. Bottom line, I want to make sure the listeners of WVFN have a great time and bring some great presents home. See you all at Reno's West, Thursday night at 7pm.