It wasn’t too long ago that the Detroit Pistons were a serious force in the national basketball Association, and everybody viewed them as a turning point in how the game was played in the NBA. Their aggressive and scrappy style mixed with a slew of amazing talent lead them to back to back championships going into the early 90s and everybody dubbed them the "Bad Boys."

Those days are long gone but the memory of that time still stays fresh in our memories. We talked before about how we came to find out the Detroit Pistons had the record for the highest-scoring game in NBA history, winning a game against the Denver Nuggets on December 13 of 1983 went into triple overtime, with the Pistons eventually winning 186 to 184. But if you go back 33 years, the original Fort Wayne Pistons were also a part of the lowest-scoring game in NBA history.

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It took place on November 22, 1950, and they were only 37 total points scored in the game with the Pistons beating the Minneapolis Lakers 19 to 18. George McCann scored 15 of the 18 points for the Lakers and only two other players scored. No players scored more than five for the Pistons, which is just hilarious. To our knowledge, the Detroit Pistons are the only professional sports team, to hold such a record.

Cheat Code

There's also another random piece of Pistons info I found interesting, built into the game NBA Jam. It turns out a creator of the game put in some codes that if the Chicago Bulls were taking a last-second shot against the Pistons, they will always miss the shot. So, as the developer said:

If you're ever playing the game, make sure you pick the Pistons over the Bulls.

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