Yesterday, I wrote about the top 10 disappointments about the Detroit Tigers so far in 2022.  You'll see them again at the bottom of this article.

Well, one day after writing the "disappointments" article, the Tigers now have a problem (problems can be different than disappointments) with their roster.  And it stems from the surprising news from yesterday:

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Eduardo Rodriguez (pictured above), who the Tigers signed to a 5 year deal worth $77 million in the offseason, is not with the team while he is "dealing with a personal matter".  He has been put on the "Restricted List" which takes him off the 40-man roster and the Tigers aren't obligated to pay him while he's "restricted".

While it's good (in a perverse way) that the Tigers aren't obligated to pay him any of his $14 million salary right now.  It's bad that one of their five starters is out for reasons other than injury.  ERod is just coming off a rib injury, and it was possible that he could've returned this week to the rotation.  Well, that's not happening now.

If he's dealing with a family issue, that's really none of our business.  But we don't know what's going on with him.  And who knows if/when he'll return in 2022.

Eduardo has four years remaining on his deal worth $63 million.  But he can opt out of the deal after 2023 and become a free agent.  But considering his injury and lack of effectiveness so far this season (1-3 with a 4.38 ERA in 39 inning pitched with 8 starts), do you really think he's going opt out and turn down that guaranteed money?  I doubt it at this point.

And if doesn't opt out, they'll be stuck with $49 million from 2023-25.  I can already hear the fans and media complaining about that now.

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