As of this writing (morning of June 13th), the Detroit Tigers are 24-35.  That's 9 1/2 games behind Minnesota in the American League Central and 7 games behind Boston for the third and final Wild Card spot in the American League.

Considering the higher expectations that the fans and the media had for the team after showing promise last season.  Yes, 77-85 in 2021 was showing promise as a franchise.

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But injuries to key players have hindered the Tigers and guys who hit well last year haven't repeated that performance.  We've talked about the Tigers issues all season long.  But enough guys have laid an egg this season that I had to create a list of the biggest disappointments regarding the Motor City Kitties.

I kept the list confined to players.  Because it should be pretty much understood that the problems with this team start with owner Chris Ilitch, general manager Al Avila, and field manager A.J. Hinch (pictured above).

Avila's free agent signings (Javier Baez, Eduardo Rodriguez, Andrew Chafin) haven't worked out for the most part, although Chafin has been decent.  Ilitch signs the checks and he oversees this franchise, so he's ultimately responsible.  And while A.J. Hinch isn't fully responsible for all of the injuries, his constant babying of the pitching staff has contributed to the injuries and other problems among the arms (thank you, analytics...UGH!!!).  His insistence of having 14 pitchers has created a lack of any sort of a bench.  That's another problem with the Tigers (again, thank you analytics!!).

There's still 100 games left, and Minnesota still hasn't run away with the American League Central.  So there's still time.  But there's less than two months to go until the trade deadline.  They need to get it in gear NOW!!!

Alright, here's the list of the biggest disappointments regarding the Detroit Tigers so far this season:

10 Biggest Disappointments For The Detroit Tigers In 2022

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