I HATE the Facebook invites to graduation open houses. I don't see half of them. If you want ME to go to your open house... Send an invite to my house or the station.

Apparently, it's different on Twitter. Kameron Register of Howell tweeted and invite to Detroit Lions star cornerback Darius Slay... And one of the best corners in the NFL showed up. Click here to see the full story. 

Darius Slay GAVE Register the gloves he wore at the Pro Bowl. I would have preferred his signing bonus.

What a cool story and start to the next chapter of this kids life. Also, a black dude showing up to a white kids open house in Howell wasn't lost on me. Howell has a pretty bad reputation.

I wonder if he grabbed a plate? They said everyone gathered around for pictures.

My only problem with this story is WHAT IS UP WITH THAT LAKERS SHIRT, SLAY? The Lakers beat the DETROIT PISTONS in 1988.



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