Olympic legend Edwin Moses revealed on the Mad Dog Show in November that he had suffered a fall and nearly faced paralyzation after a fall.

According to Moses, he had slipped when trying to enter his car and hit his head on the door while trying to recover.

"I'm trying to get my body reconnected," the world-class athlete told the Mad Dog, adding "my body and my brain were completely severed while paralyzed for about three weeks in the hospital".

Though the situation seemed bleak, Moses maintained a positive outlook and had gotten back on his feet by the team he spoke with the Mad Dog.

Moses believes his career in professional sports compounded his injury and delayed his recovery, joking that he's the type of person who "can't fall over objects" after a career in hurdling.

"It just goes to show you how vulnerable anyone can be," Moses, who had spent the two previous months in physical rehabilitation, added. He mentioned hurdling again as a goal of his recovery process.

Moses joined the program to promote WINNING, a documentary featuring Jack Nicklaus, Nadia Comaneci, Martina Navratilova and Esther Vergeer alongside himself.

Other topics discussed in the interview include his role in anti-doping regulation, his pathway into olympic hurdling and the importance of academics to him.

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