The date was Jan. 5, 1992. That was exactly 8,400 days ago.

That was the last time the Detroit Lions won a playoff game.

On Sunday, the Lions came close to ending a 23-year winless streak in the postseason. They led until the final handful of minutes, when the Dallas Cowboys took their first and only lead and held on for the win, 24-20.

Interestingly, the Lions' last playoff win came against the Cowboys. Things were very different back then, with players like Barry Sanders and Erik Kramer.

The world was pretty different, too.

To be completely honest, we put together this list when the Lions were up by 14 points on Sunday. We figured, "Hey, the Lions are gonna win their first playoff game in 23 years! Let's put together a neat list showcasing how different things were back then!"

And then the Lions lost.

But we're still giving you the list anyway.

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    Gas averaged $1.04 per gallon

    The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was just more than $1. Now, it's right around $2.20, and it's been well above $3 in recent years.

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    The Internet was relatively unknown

    The Internet was very much in its nascence in 1992. The World Wide Web had just debuted a year earlier, and commercial use of the Internet was just beginning.

    Flash forward 23 years and the Internet has grown from a fledgling enterprise with users estimated to be less than 10 million to today when nearly half of world's 7 billion people are believed to use it.

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    Michael Jackson topped the charts

    Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" was the No.1 song in America.

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    "Hook" was the No. 1 movie

    Robin Williams' and Dustin Hoffman's "Hook" had just taken in more than $11 million at the box office during its opening weekend. The movie helped catapult Julia Roberts' career.

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    Dow Jones was much lower

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average sat at 3,201.48. Most recently, it closed at 17,832.99.

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    First President Bush

    George H.W. Bush was president. He would go on to lose his re-election bid in November of that year to Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton.

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    NFL looked a lot different

    In 1992, the NFL sported just 28 teams--four fewer than now. The Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers all had yet to be created.

    Also, the Tennessee Titans were then known as the Houston Oilers, the present-day Baltimore Ravens' franchise was still the Cleveland Browns, the Raiders and Rams were still in Los Angeles, and the Cardinals were knowns as the Phoenix Cardinals.

    The NFL only had six divisions at the time: East, West and Central in both the AFC and NFC.

  • The Pontiac Silverdome, which the Detroit Lions called home from 1975 until 2001. (Getty Images)

    Lions still played at the Silverdome

    The Detroit Lions didn't play in Detroit at all--their home field was some 30 miles northwest of the Motor City at the Pontiac Silverdome.

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    Current Lions stars were just kids

    The Lions' current nucleus of players was very young.

    Matt Stafford was 3, Calvin Johnson was 6, Golden Tate was 3, and Ndamukong Suh was one day shy of turning 5 years old.

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    Caldwell was a college coach

    Present-day Lions head coach Jim Caldwell was still in the college coaching ranks. In 1992, a 36-year-old Caldwell was the quarterbacks under Joe Paterno at Penn State.

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    Some current Lions weren't alive

    Several players on the Lions' current roster hadn't even been born yet, like first-round pick Eric Ebron.