I am struggling to come up with something to do this weekend. My wife and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, and I'd like to do something fun with her to celebrate.

My better half and I aren't "hoity-toity." We're not frivolous by any means. We are simple. Getting outdoors is one of our favorite things to do. We've explored Lansing on our bikes, electric scooters and by foot.

We really enjoy Hawk Island, the River Trail, Potter Park Zoo, Lugnuts games, MSU campus and downtown East Lansing. These are all very popular places to visit during the week and the weekend.

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I am looking to try some new activities in the mid Michigan/Lansing area. One thing that I plan on doing is taking my family to the State Capitol in downtown Lansing. I went there once as a teenager. Sadly I have only stepped foot inside it a few times since I moved to Lansing.

Of course I could take my pick of the many courses that I have not golfed in the Lansing area. We both like golf and that could be fun. For some reason, over the past year I have changed my wardrobe up—we could shop too. Eastwood Towne Center, Lansing Mall and Meridian Mall are obvious choices to do so. Again, very common things to do in Lansing.

The idea of being a tourist in our own town is appealing to me. Unfortunately the event "be a tourist" in Lansing is no longer taking place. I figured I would come up with a list of things for you to do so you can "be a tourist" in Lansing and the mid Michigan area. Trip Advisor had some helpful suggestions.



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