Last night in Detroit, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander pitched a gem. Verlander has struggled like the rest of the team as a whole. Last year he had stomach muscle surgery. Then, this season he had more surgery and hasn't been the same.

Let's look at Verlander's career. He was rookie of the year, MVP and Cy Young winner, has pitched two no-hitter's and has recieved a enormous salaried contract from the Tiger's. He has pitched his way on the road to Cooperstown, but this season has been much different for Verlander.

This season Justin Verlander has come to the proverbial crossroads. Meaning this: he has not pitched well on a very consistent basis. His earned run average has hovered around 4.00 all season. But last night Verlander put on a clinic. He was his old self, as he pitched a one hitter and complete game shutout. The Tigers are playing the LA Angels, and they have some good hitters like Mike Trot and Albert Pujols. Verlander pitched a masterful game.

Now, some might say his personal life has interfered with his professional life. His girlfriend his supermodel Kate Upton. But, I am really starting to believe it's more his surgery and he has been rusty. All I know is this Justin Verlander is not just a shell of his old self. If You believe he is you just don't know know war horse Justin Verlander out of Old Dominion.