Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh always goes the extra mile when recruiting, including showing up at a high school basketball game in Muskegon.

The Muskegon vs. Mona Shores rivalry is a top draw for high school basketball fans in West Michigan, but one member of the big crowd at Tuesday's game drew the most attention.

It was University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh. So why is a football coach at a basketball game? Well, that's pretty simple to show support for a couple of big time Muskegon area football players participating in the game.

Although the NCAA forbids coaches from talking about who they're recruiting, there were two very talented football players participating in the game.

According to the LocalSportsJournal, Muskegon Big Red quarterback Cameron Martinez has already been extended an offer to play at UM. Also playing was blue chip defensive end Billie Roberts, who has been offered a scholarship to arch rival Michigan State. Perhaps, Jim's showing up could persuade him to switch? i giess it's worth the effort.

LocalSportsJournal has some photos of coach's big night out in West Michigan. he was accompanied by new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.


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