This honestly doesn't seem like a real job but he's the one making the big bucks so who are we to judge!?

Turns out one of the most important people on an NFL coaching staff is not the coach himself, it's the guy who gets him out of the way!

Ted Rath, the "get back coach" for the Super Bowl-bound LA Rams explains to NFL films that his job is to make sure head coach Sean McVay stays out of the way of referees and avoid penalties!

He describes it as sort of a Tango-ish dance, as McVay moves about the sidelines, Rath stays right behind to step in and gently rip him out of the way.

Putting it that way and taking the steps to avoid senseless penalties, it seems like a great idea!

Though we are still wondering, how is it a generously-paid, grown man can coach other grown men but has to have someone else Kate-Winslet-on-the-Titanic him out of the way of refs?

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