If you live in East Lansing or are a student attending Michigan State University, there's a new business in town welcoming all through its doors, particularly those with a sweet tooth.

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Pop (or soda for everyone pronouncing 'pop' wrong) and sweets galore await you at the newest addition to Downtown East Lansing.

New Business in Downtown East Lansing

Please, give a warm welcome to Rocket Fizz.

Rocket Fizz is a "Soda Pop & Candy Shop" chain with locations across America. In Michigan alone, there are seven locations, one of which is located on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing.

While Rocket Fizz may be new to its location at 217 E Grand River Ave, it's not new to the Lansing area. Previously, Rocket Fizz had been located in the outdoor shopping mall, Eastwood Towne Center. Now, it's located along the main drag of Downtown East Lansing.

Rocket Fizz has, perhaps, any pop or candy you might think of to satisfy that sweet tooth. Maybe you want a tried and true Michigan classic, Faygo. Well, you're in luck because they've got variety.

Weird Flavored Soda Pop

Maybe you want to be adventurous and try something new. They've got pickle-flavored gummies and pickle soda to try. Heck, they even have a pickle air freshener... you know, just in case you really wanted your car to smell like a jar of pickles was just constantly open.

From the more "normal" candies and pops to the wackier ones, Rocket Fizz has a ton going on.

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