University of Michigan students took to the streets to celebrate the school's College Football National Championship, their first since 1997. Students flooded downtown Ann Arbor following the big win with a peaceful and thoughtful celebration...right?

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The student body and fanbase of U of M is one that vocally declares their moral superiority over Michigan State University online, in lines, in stores, at family reunions, and anywhere they think someone cares. No doubt you encounter at least one of these Walmart Wolverines more often than you'd like.

Watch University of Michigan Students and Fans Emulate Michigan State


In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) jubilant University of Michigan students and fans can be seen in downtown Ann Arbor basking in the glory of a National Championship. These are the same fans that often insult Michigan State University students for burning couches (which has and more than likely will continue to happen).

Comments from Walmart Wolverines following an incident in East Lansing include:

  1. "At least we respect our campus."
  2. "Why do you feel the need to destroy things to celebrate?"
  3. "Our students and fans have more class than to participate in such senseless destruction"

So how did U of M fans celebrate their big win? By setting a couch on fire in the streets of Ann Arbor. And not well at all. Watch the video below and tell me you don't want to take the bottle of charcoal lighter out of this idiot's hands:

There's the 'respect' they show their town. The moral high ground seems to have taken the day off for these fans, but you know what? Good for them! Congrats on the win and if you want some lessons on how to SAFELY set a couch on fire, we'd be happy to send a contingent of MSU fans and students to show you how to do it properly.

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