We’re off to see the wizard…kind of. We’re off to see a guy who was off to see the wizard. It’s the Tin Man, that two-legged, walking, empty can of fruit cocktail that went to Oz because he needed a heart.

This particular version of the Oz Tin Man can be found in the Oceana town of Hart. He’s a kneeling, twenty-foot tall sculpture clutching a giant red heart in his right hand. The figure was spotted at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids by Hart mayor Vicki Platt, who figured that would look great somewhere in Hart…..makes sense, right? ‘Heart’…..’Hart’…..it fits right in.

The Tin Man is part of an effort to bring more art to Hart, hoping to bring more travelers and tourists. All types of art are being planned to make the downtown more intriguing: music, painting, theaters and more are being scrutinized as additions.

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The tin man is part of the Hart Project aimed at getting more art installations downtown. He was built in Pennsylvania, transported to Michigan, and was unveiled at the 50th Annual National Asparagus Festival on June 10, 2023. You’ll find the Tin Man located at the corner of North State Street and East Main Street, downtown Hart, at the Hart Commons Park. It makes a cool visit.

Head over to Hart sometime in the near future and get a few selfies…and depending on what the weather is like, make sure you bring an oil can.

The Tin Man of Hart, Michigan


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