ANY place can be (or be called) ‘haunted’ now. Yeah, especially slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouses are creepy enough so they don’t have to really be haunted…what with all the blood, guts, and gore that pass thru each one. But, as is wont, legends and rumors tend to start a life of their own, especially when it comes to places like this.

This particular one is the former Thorn Apple Valley Slaughterhouse in Detroit, said to be one of the largest haunted places in the city. Upon entering, there are no lights – during the night it’s all pitch dark but some of the graffiti still manages to noticeably pop out. Paranormal investigators – professional and amateurs – experience white mist shapes along with odd noises and unexplainable sounds. Equipment, whether it’s an EVP, cell phone or other, seem to malfunction.

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So who or what would even want to haunt a slaughterhouse? Dead cows? Not likely. For one thing, it was a hog slaughterhouse. Nah, hogs wouldn't wanna spook it up, either.

The building was built in 1937 as Allen Industries, makers of cushions and carpet pads. It was constructed on the corner of Orleans and Wilkins Street and lasted a good number of years. Then in the mid-60s, it was purchased by the Frederick meat packing & processing company. After a number of name changes throughout the years, it settled on Thorn Apple Valley in 1984.

Two years later in 1986, it went bankrupt, closed, and was up for sale.

Once closed, the scrappers, trespassers, and vandals came in. Fires were set, fixtures were stolen, and the place was left to deteriorate. The Environmental Protection Agency made an attempt to clean up the site in the late 2000s and the place was intended to be renovated into an apartment complex. So far, it hasn’t happened yet…and the building still gets its share of breaking and entering.

Whether or not it’s haunted, who knows. It’s so easy to say it is, and there will be noises no matter what: old pipes, settling foundations, creaking wood…that doesn’t mean the place is inhabited by something supernatural. But again, you would have to speak with a professional who has investigated the old slaughterhouse…and maybe you’ll be convinced.

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