Put another feather in the cap of the Mitten State. One of our finest metros has been named the #2 college town in the Midwest and one of the top 20 in the United States. Plus, it's not the only Michigan city to make the list.

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While the college campus is the epicenter of student academic life, the next generation is looking for more than libraries and buildings with alumni names emblazoned upon them. RentCafe recently looked at college towns, not purely from an educational perspective, but instead looking for balance based on 12 different metrics:

12 metrics to guide your search for the perfect college town

Finding the right balance is necessary for Generation Z, who feels strongly attracted to culture and self-expression, is a high priority. According to RentCafe, Gen Z is seeking places where they "can connect with like-minded individuals, engage with the arts, or showcase creative endeavors."

RentCafe Ranks Michigan City #2 College Town in the Midwest - #13 Overall in the US

Michigan City Named #2 College Town in the Midwest - US Top 20

For livability, quality of life, and a stimulating cultural environment, East Lansing, home of Michigan State University (MSU), has been named the #2 College Town in the Midwest. Take that Ann Arbor (although they did make the Top 20 in the US rankings).

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East Lansing's influx of youth helped propel it to the top of RentCafe's rankings, with the 14th highest share of young adults aged 20-29 with 40%. The city is also home to fellow academics, with 68% of the population holding a higher education degree. Michigan State University boasts the country's 27th-highest graduation rate at 82%.

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For RentCafe's full Top 20 Best College Towns in the U.S., and to see which other Michigan city made the list, keep scrolling.

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