Here we go again—another list ranking a Top 10 in Michigan. When we look at cities, we look at the surface and make an uneducated determination about that town. Maybe you judge a city on its nightlife, walkability, parks, playgrounds, or general infrastructure. If any of these are lacking, some may conclude that it's not important enough for the community to invest money into growing. It may be that there isn't enough capital to make those changes. That may be the case for's 10 Poorest Towns in Michigan.

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Though these towns may not have enough in their coffers to be considered fiscally rich, I'd be willing to compare their community spirit to that of the most well-to-do town in Michigan (which RoadSnacks says is Bloomfield Hills). This ranking looks only at the financially measurable statistics.

Revealing Michigan's 10 Poorest Cities

Michigan's 10 Poorest Cities

RoadSnacks' most startling insight may be the number of individuals in each of these Michigan cities who live in poverty. The federal poverty level for a family of four is at or below $31,000 per year, and in the top four cities on the list, median household incomes average below that. Michigan considers poverty to be at or below 133% that of the federal level.

The cities on the list also have a greater concentration of struggling Michiganders. The highest-earning city has 33.6% of its residents living at or below the poverty level. Here's a closer look at's 10 Poorest Cities in Michigan.

The 10 Poorest Cities in Michigan, using what they call Saturday Night Science, recently ranked Michigan cities to determine which could use a financial boom the most. Here are the Top 10 Poorest Towns in Michigan. For's full methodology, see the link in the #1 entry.

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The 10 Snobbiest Cities in Michigan compared Michigan cities' populations, median incomes, average housing costs, and the percentage of adults with a college education to determine which location was the snootiest in the Great Lakes States. Let's countdown to #1 with's Top 10 Snobbiest Cities in Michigan.

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