“Here is Lansing as you have never seen it before!”

Aren't you tired of that phrase? They use it for numerous things, trying to get you interested enough to check it out. Especially with actors: “here's Clint Eastwood as you have never seen him before” or singers “here is Dolly Parton as you have never heard her before.” Please. It's a hackneyed phrase that I unwillingly resurrected …..and this one is no exception, because it is very likely you HAVE seen Lansing like this before. But then again, maybe not.

These are actually some pretty cool drone images of downtown Lansing. You will see the Hall of Justice, Lugnuts Stadium, the Capitol, Spartan Stadium, the clock tower, PNC Bank building, the turnaround at Michigan and Washington and more...including Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

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There are a few neighborhoods featured as well, but mostly shots around downtown.

For fun, I have added some vintage shots of Lansing, including the Octagon Hotel, Franklin Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Washington Avenue, the Olds Motor Works, the Capitol, and an odd street carnival. It's a little bit of a culture shock to see where we've been and how we ended up.

I am definitely old enough to recall how downtown looked decades ago...the differences in the above-named avenues, and all the restaurants, bars, and dance halls that don't exist anymore. The one constant is the Capitol building...and except for some paint jobs and restorations, it basically remains the same.

Now take a look at the gallery below for some cool drone photos and a quick blast from the past...

Drone Over Lansing


Vintage Lansing Shops & Stores

Lansing Theaters and Memorabilia

Abandoned House Apartments, Lansing


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