Last week, you saw me write about the Detroit Pistons most recent draft picks.  They are Ausar Thompson and Marcus Sasser, who the team selected with their two picks.

It remains to be seen how/when/if Thompson and Sasser can help them immediately (the Pistons certainly need it).

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But now, NBA free agency is upon us (It actually begins on June 30th @ 6pm eastern time).  And the Pistons will have a reported $30 million in salary cap space to use to fill out their roster.

FYI, the Pistons currently have 11 players under contract next season.  This counts the team options picked up by the team this week for Isaiah Livers, Eugene Omoruyi, and Alec Burks.  It does not count the aforementioned Thompson and Sasser, as they officially haven't been signed yet.

So, who can they sign to get this team to respectability?  Let's get the obvious out of the way first...


If James Harden (pictured above) opts out, he's going to go back to Houston.  He's not coming to Detroit.  Do you really want the headaches that are Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook, despite their obvious talent?  I don't think so.

And with the Golden State Warriors trading away Jordan Poole, the likelihood of Draymond Green coming home to Michigan just lessened greatly.  I think Green stays with the Warriors on a new deal.

Toronto's Fred VanVleet is out there, but I don't see that happening either.  And former Pistons draft pick Khris Middleton is too expensive for them.  So where does that leave them?

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We're talking about Michigan native Kyle Kuzma, Harrison Barnes, and former Piston Jerami Grant.  All three are intriguing for different reasons.  The lure to come home would be appealing for Kuzma.  Barnes brings a lot of experience to the court (and the locker room) and Grant would give them some more scoring.

But this team needs defense, so that would eliminate Grant.  Barnes was a positive presence for Sacramento this past season and still only 31 years old.  And Kuzma (who's from Flint) might sell a few more tickets.


These are guys who don't have the five years of seniority to reach unrestricted free agency like the players above.  Players like Austin Reaves, Cam Johnson, Miles Bridges, and Grant Williams fall into this category.

You've heard Johnson's name mentioned frequently for the Pistons.  But how much would he cost?  I think Reaves goes back to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Miles Bridges (the former Michigan Stater) is a major risk because of his legal history.

And they might not get any of them even if they agree to an offer sheet.  Because, as restricted free agents, their previous teams can match any offer the Pistons make them.


So where does this leave them?  Detroit's not a free agent destination, so the cap room might be moot.  Their recent history on the court isn't good (haven't won a playoff game since 2008).  So at this point, they have to hope to get lucky with any signings or trades they make.  And also they need to hope that the young players on this roster improve greatly.

But these are the Detroit Pistons...Do you even care??

Contract Status of Detroit Pistons Players After 2022-23 Season

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