WARNING: If this building is deserted, under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Get ready to take a look inside this once-deserted Greek Orthodox Church, located between Ohio Street and Oakman Boulevard in Detroit.

According to Wasteland Explorer, when Greek immigrants began arriving in Detroit in the late 1880's, the need for places of worship saw many churches pop up.  In 1892 Detroit had over 100 Greek immigrant residents which grew to 884 by 1910.

It’s believed the first Greek church was the Annunciation Greek Orthodox. Seeing a need for a Greek school, the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church was created out of that necessity.

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In 1943, funds were raised for another Greek church, but decisions were made to wait until after World War II before beginning construction. Ground was broken, a cornerstone was laid in November 1948, and finally the first service of this new not-yet-finished church took place in 1950.

This church was sold in 1986 to another, the Maranatha Christian Church. That church held its last services in 2000. It was sold again – this time to the Power of the Word Christian Center Church of God in Christ, which held their services until they closed in 2011. For years it sat unattended and deteriorating.

The gallery below shows photos of the decaying insides, the way it was just a few short years ago. For some reason there are two riding mowers at various places in the church (?), lots of paint chips and peelings, pews that look like they’ve been batted around…..even so, the impressive majesty still managed to shine through all the crumblings and ruins. See for yourself in the gallery.

And now, years later, it is back.
Currently, the church has been refurbished and is now known at the Metro Life Church. For how long, we have no idea.

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