One of the toughest questions to answer this time of year as an adult is 'What do you want for Christmas?' And if we were honest, most of us would love for someone to take care of a bill or pay for gas or groceries. But since it might not be appropriate to ask others to pay our bills, here are a few ideas of Michigan-themed gifts we actually want to get or give this holiday season.

Gifts For Michigan Foodies

There are a lot of great options for foodies to enjoy a 'Taste of Michigan' this holiday season with products that are exclusively made in Michigan. And there are several unique ideas to add to your own Christmas list or send others a taste of the Great Lakes state.

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American Coney Island Kit

American Coney Island/Canva
American Coney Island/Canva

Being able to enjoy a Detroit, MI coney at home is such a treat. And this is the perfect 'care package' to send to family or friends who are maybe missing Michigan or those who have never had the chance to experience an American Coney Island hot dog.

Detroit Gift Box

Gift Baskets From Michigan/Canva
Gift Baskets From Michigan/Canva

This gift basket includes some delicious Michigan-made classics. Better Made chips, Germack nuts, and a Vernors pop to wash it down. A great way to give someone a little bit of everything we love in Michigan.

We've put together a list of other amazing Michigan food items as well as home décor and more to make sure you get everything you want on your Christmas list this year.

10 Michigan-Themed Christmas Gift Ideas

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Top Ten Least Wanted Christmas Gifts

It's crunch time, but don't get lazy, or cheap! Check the top 10 gifts that are the least wanted with the following gallery!

Gallery Credit: JD Knite

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