One of Disney's iconic characters is making his debut on the craft beer scene here in Michigan. Mickey Mouse has been hard at work creating a new brew inspired by one of his first Disney appearances. And you can only get this beer exclusively at one Michigan brewery.

Midland Brewing Company Facebook
Midland Brewing Company Facebook

Mickey Mouse-Inspired Beer at Midland Brewing Company

Getting the rights from Disney to use their characters' images would normally cost an extravagant amount of money. But, Midland Brewing Company recently took advantage of an expired copyright on an iconic Mickey Mouse character. A picture of  'Steamboat Willie' will be featured on the new brew label.

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Midland Brewing Company Facebook
Midland Brewing Company Facebook

When Will the Mickey Mouse Beer Be Available in Michigan?

According to Midland Brewing's Facebook page, the new brew will be available in February:

Steamboat Willie Beer – what better way to jump on an expiring copyright of an Iconic California cartoon character, than brewing California Common Steam Beer that also has a captivating character.
Embark on a flavor adventure with this amber-hued steam beer boasting a 5.4% ABV and 30 IBU – a perfect balance of tradition and modern flair.
Sip on the captivating blend of malt sweetness and medium hop bitterness, creating a refreshing complexity in every gulp.
Midland Brewing Company is located on Saginaw Rd in Midland, MI. They pride themselves on brewing "a wide range of inventive, great-tasting craft beers that honor our regional history." Midland Brewing also offers a full menu of delicious foods and hosts exciting events as well.

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