It's almost that special time of year!

As the Lenten season approaches you'll start seeing another kind of fruit-filled pastry at your local bakery and grocery stores but it's not simply a donut-- it's a pączki.

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Although they look very similar, there are subtle differences between your standard donut and the traditional Polish treat.


What's a Pączki?

Pronounced "poonch-key", pączki are fried pieces of dough. While they even taste similar to donuts they differ in that pączki are made from an especially rich dough of eggs, fat, and sugar.

I didn't know it was possible to make such an unhealthy snack even more unhealthy, but here we are! And thanks to Detroit-based Eastern Market Brewing Co. you'll soon be able to drink it too.

Pączki Blonde Ale

Eastern Market Brewing Co. first caught my attention after the brewery announced they were purchasing the ill-fated Founders Brewing - Detroit taproom and replacing it with their new self-serve concept called Elephant & Co.

Now they've caught my attention for a different reason-- their new line of pączki inspired blonde ales. On their Facebook page the brewery shared,

It's go time. Pączki season is officially here, Detroit! You all love Pączki so much we sell out every year...We're dropping two NEW flavors, loaded with fresh fruit and a generous helping of vanilla cream.

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Is That Really a Good Idea?

Personally, I can't help but be slightly skeptical because despite being an amateur mixologist I still have half a bottle of Detroit City Distillery's Pączki Day vodka and I just don't think I'll be able to finish it. It could just be my imagination but I feel like it has a "bready" after taste!

But a pączki-flavored blonde fruit ale? I think I can get on board with that.

Eastern Market's new line of pączki ale goes on sale to members first starting Thursday, January 11 but the taps should be flowing at their Pączki Party in February. Find out more here.

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