It seems more and more stores are closing their doors lately. Prices of goods rise, workers want more pay and frankly, there isn't enough to go around in the current climate.

Stores that primarily operate through traditional indoor malls are bound to suffer, especially retailers that aren't household names like Bath and Body Works or GNC. The Body Shop, a UK-based cosmetics company, was an up-and-comer in the market, but soon the store will close its doors for good.

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After expanding to 2,500 retail locations in more than 80 countries before the end of 2023, the business announced its U.S. stores and several Canadian locations would no longer be in operation, according to a report from CNN.

The Body Shop had made quite the name for itself as a retailer with rather high standards. All of the store's products were marketed as natural, sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free. The Body Shop was even recognized for its ethical standards.

Unfortunately, such standards come at a price, a price much of middle America can't afford to treat themselves to.

According to data from Scrape Hero, there were less than five Michigan locations, all in metro Detroit. One location was in Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the McNamara Terminal. There was also a Novi location in the Twelve Oaks Mall and a Dearborn location in Fairlane Town Center.

The Body Shop, which has been tossed around by bigger corporations like L’Oréal and Natura, may not be gone forever. While all of its U.S. locations are closed permanently, the retailer is only closing 33 of its 105 Canadian locations. According to Scrape Hero, The Body Shop had 61 locations as of December 2023, meaning there are plenty more locations around the world.

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