The Detroit Pistons sport a rather classic look overall: Blue jerseys and shorts with red and white stripes, red numbers and lettering with white outlines for the road dark option; White jerseys and shorts with red and blue stripes with red numbers and lettering with blue outlines for the home white options.

The look has evolved with that template in spirit since the franchise moved to Detroit from Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1957 - Though a few fairly drastic changes have taken place. Of course, we're mostly referring to the late 90s full embrace of the color teal.

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Some folks loved the drastic change - after all, it's not often a sports franchise undergoes a full color scheme change. Still, those who have a more classic taste or followed the franchise for an extended period of time weren't quite as crazy about it. Overall, the teal combo with a detailed horsehead logo was a fan favorite.

In kind, those duds have made a return in the 2022 season as an alternate throwback option, a much more tame approach to the eye-catching uniforms.

Still, it wasn't the first deviation from the original look, as lightning bolts made an appearance on the uniforms in the late 70s and early 80s. A short-lived combo that was also revitalized as an alternate recently.

The NBA has a lot of fun with "City" Edition uniforms, third alternates and more to give teams plenty of options to switch through during the 82-game season. Not to mention, more jerseys mean more purchasing options for fans. Why have one Cade Cunningham jersey when you could have 12 or more variants before his first contract extension?

Check out every uniform the Detroit Pistons have ever worn in the gallery below. They are presented in chronological order based on the information provided by SportsLogos.Net.

Every Uniform the Detroit Pistons Have Worn

The Detroit Pistons have kept things classic outside of the late '90s shift. Here's every uniform the Pistons have ever worn.

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