It pays to be rich, literally and figuratively. Some of us have a larger slice of the pie than others, and naturally people with large bankrolls tend to congregate in small towns with extremely expensive houses.

Michigan is no different than most states. The state has notable poor areas and notably rich areas. Rich areas tend to have less crime, are quieter and, overall, have better infrastructure.

That's everyone's goal though, right? Live in a big house making enough money to get by comfortably and have the extra to save and splurge all the same? Sounds peaceful, for the most part.

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Well, the residents of these Michigan cities should have all of that going for them and then some.

But reaching that sort of status in Michigan is somewhat of an outlier. Michigan is comfortably in the bottom half of states for overall wealth despite the state having a lower cost of living and below-average housing prices.

Home Snacks recently put together a list of the richest cities in Michigan and the results weren't too shocking, but they are interesting nonetheless. The list doesn't simply list the highest incomes, but also the places that have the highest home values alongside the top earners.

The median household income for Michigan residents is $68,505 while the median home value is roughly $232k. The top 10 cities listed below crush those numbers fairly comfortably.

Home Snacks looked at 199 cities in Michigan with at least 3,000 people and ranked them from richest to poorest. Interestingly, the top 50 richest cities in Michigan area all in southern Michigan. None of the richest cities are further north than Grand Rapids.

The top 10 richest cities are listed below. You can check out Home Snacks's list of 100 Michigan cities ranked from richest to poorest here.

The 10 Richest Cities in Michigan

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

Michigan's 10 Snobbiest Cities

According to Road Snacks, these are Michigan's 10 snobbiest cities because they make too much money for their own good, have big expensive houses the rest of us can't afford to dream about, and have ample access to great education.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison