Many who have grown up in Michigan hear stories of the cryptid creatures who are said to stalk the state, the Michigan Dogman, Mellonheads, and Dewey Lake Monster.

There are two rumored creatures who live right along the Michigan-Indiana state line.

A reddit thread asking about these creatures provides some interesting stories about the Elkhart Gnome and Michigan City Crawling Man.

The Elkhart Gnome

Interestingly, the stalking grounds of the Elkhart Gnome and Michigan's Dewey Lake Monster are within a few miles of each other but are very different creatures in scope. The Reddit OP shared this story coming home later in the evening.

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As I'm approaching a cul de sac i see a small creature on two legs casually walk across the street just ahead of my car! I'm staring at it in disbelief and one of the kids in the backseat says "did u just see that?!" It was about a foot tall, and as I'm turning around this cul de sac I notice that one of the houses has a small house at the end of their property.

The Michigan City Crawling Man

Further west around the Michigan-Indiana line is Michigan City and home to the Crawling Man. This area of Michiana has its share of legends including the Crawling Man and Diana of the Dunes. Like Diana, the Crawling Man stalks the dunes right along the Lake Michigan Shoreline. The Cyprid Society tells this encounter

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It appeared to be a naked guy crawling around on the grass. Although, it had elongated arms and legs. It was moving kinda fast crunched over. It only lasted a few seconds, long enough for all of us to see it

As many regions have creatures and legends, it's rare to have some many clustered in one area as the Michiana region seems to have.

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